PIECE OF MIND for vacant houses

Monitor unoccupied bank owned homes 24/7. Continuously detect any persons inside and get an immediate cell phone text message and a private web page showing time, day, and date including all history of persons entering the building.

You make the decision at that time as to what action should be taken – calling police, calling the listing agent, or doing nothing when it’s a sales visit.

use pc, tablet or Cell Phone

Works with all operating systems and internet connections.

Just access the web page, click “customer login” then enter ID and Password to show an up-to-the-minute history chart of persons entering property.

Web House Watch™ provides high user confidence by continuously self-testing batteries and reporting any trouble condition on the web site.

simple devices, low cost

Web House Watch™ provides more user information for monitoring intrusion of property.  Lower in cost than burglar alarms.  All devices needed are included in the monthly charge after security deposit.

Low cost plans as simple as getting a cell phone text message when intrusion occurs or as extensive as documenting history of property entries going back many months.