How it Works

The ANTS (Autonomous Node Transponder System) system sensors detect motion, and optionally other aspects of security or safety of the unoccupied house such as pool use, pipe freezing temperatures, water leaks, etc.

ANTS sensors then relay the sensor data out of building to the satellite up-link device on the roof called a U-ANTS. U-ANTS send all the sensor data to one of our 53 satellites plus send an OK once a day to show it's working.

All sensor information is then displayed on the Internet for authorized users to view on their user chart. Users can then monitor authorized or unauthorized entries, temperature or optional other sensors and know the building is secure. If the user has selected optional e-mail or telephone message notification it is also then sent.

ANTS Motion Sensors

ANTS sensors detect movement of people in monitored areas. Detection area is up to 30 ft (10 m) X 10 ft (3 m).

Installation is simple by mounting wireless sensors on walls using adhesive picture hanging tape. Adhesive will not damage painted surface or wood panels.

A three minute re-alarm prevention delay is built-in to avoid continuing alarms in continuing room occupancy which would reduce sensor battery life and excessive satellite usage cost. Motion Sensors are also equipped with alarm and battery LED and a on-off switch for continuously occupied rooms.