Protected areas are multiplied using 8 satellite zones. The responding guard service is also more focused on the area of intrusion.

Multiple wireless motion sensors are placed in the buildings which then show as zones on the internet. Up to 8 zones per U-ANTS® satellite up-link can be used. Any number of U-ANTS® devices can be installed.

You make the decision at the time of detection as to what action should be taken


The cost of guard service for intrusion detection in the empty commercial space is a major cost for property managers. Intrusion can be from harmless wanderers, vandals, drug parties, theft, or simply unscheduled sales showings. You decide the most appropriate and cost effective response for your space under threat.

Web House Watch™ provides more information in the event of intrusion and at less cost than conventional security services.

Plans as simple as getting a cell phone text message when intrusion occurs, or as extensive as internet pages listing all intrusions with time, day, and date including sensor location going back in history.  All devices needed are included in the monthly charge, after security deposit.

use of tablet, pc or cell phone

Web House Watch™  works with all operating systems and internet and Wi-Fi connections. User option of immediate text message to any cell phone. No AC power, telephone or WiFi service needed at your property.

Just access the web page, click “customer login” then enter ID and Password to show an up-to-the-minute history chart of building entries.

Standard features include an email and cell phone text message being sent upon detection of an intruder and full logging of the events.