About Us

The XPONDR® Corporation was formed in the USA in 1994 to engage in the business of developing and manufacturing transponders. Transponders made by XPONDR® range from very high volume manufacturing and sales of devices known as electronic article surveillance (EAS) tags (see xpondr.com) used in retail store security, to very complicated and costly transponders used in ocean container box security (see antscargosecurity.com). By developing and manufacturing a range of patented products, now including transponder products used for monitoring unoccupied buildings and homes, (see webhousewatch.com) XPONDR® positions itself uniquely to serve in a broad range of markets.

The diverse capabilities of XPONDR® products are based upon transponder principles that utilize our unique and patented designs. They incorporate many advanced data concepts, ultra low power circuitry, communications through low orbit data satellites, and WiFi and WiMax concepts.